Why I Write

Since more people are reading and commenting on what I’ve written here lately, I’m moved to reflect on why exactly I do this. So here are some reasons I write:

I write as an outlet. I’m a bit of a crazy person. I start thinking about things and sometimes I literally can’t stop thinking about them until I write them out of my head. Even if no one ever read a single word I’d written, I think I’d have to keep on writing or lose my mind. This is the main reason I write.

I write to solidify and clarify my thinking. The posts on this blog fall on a spectrum somewhere between random thoughts jotted in a notebook and a more polished series of research notes (though they’re definitely closer to random thoughts jotted in a notebook). My writing on this blog tracks the evolution of my views over time.

I write (publicly) to “talk” with others who are writing and thinking about my areas of interest. Where I sit in the investment business, daily life has relatively little to do with better understanding the whys and hows of financial markets. It’s more about gofer tasks in support of the gathering and retention of assets. We spend a lot of time producing silly charts looking at random noise from different angles, because for the most part clients don’t want the truth. For all their faults, the internet and platforms like Twitter are “marketplaces of ideas” where we can think, analyze and discuss without every idea immediately being subordinated to internal politics.

I write to “own my record”, even if I choose to do it anonymously for now. Because, as Rusty Guinn writes here:

if you want to avoid the life of a professional bullshit artist or a life resigned to charlatanry, the secret is not to hide in an introverted shell trusting that your good work will out. The secret – if we can truly call it that – is to act boldly while cultivating an unceasing, insatiable, transparent willingness to consider all the ways you might be wrong.

I’m not holding myself up as a shining example of the above. But it’s definitely an aspirational goal.

Finally, and most importantly, I write because I enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write

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