4/1 Permanent Portfolio Update

The portfolio gained 1.14% in March 2022, compared to +0.22% for an investable global 60/40 mix, +1.94% for ACWI and +3.69% for VOO. Year-to-date, performance remains frustratingly mediocre at -6.00%, versus -5.48%, -5.67% and -4.63% for those comps, respectively. Ex-US equity exposure remains a drag on performance as a 50/50 NTSX/GLD mix would be -1.36% year-to-date.

I have been told that people are not able to view the permanent portfolio track record data directly on Portfolio Visualizer. Apparently this is because it is a custom data set. Therefore, going forward I will be exporting the data to .pdf and uploading to Google Drive. You can access the .pdf here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11vG4v8Dj_hHeMHB5sI9SKNwl4t5EMY9-/view?usp=sharing. If you have issues accessing the file please drop me a line.

Current portfolio exposures:

Source: Demonetized Data & Calculations

I did execute a discretionary rebalance trade in March, selling some GLD and adding the proceeds to the EM Large Cap Fund.

Otherwise there is not much to report this month. 2021 through year-to-date 2022 have been a frustrating slog for the portfolio. I do not expect this to change any time soon given the current market environment. I do remain confident in the long-term efficacy of the approach.