I write about finance, investing, geopolitics and history. Occasionally I will throw in some tidbits about learning and personal achievement for good measure. I believe the world operates according to The Golden Rule. That is, “He Who Hath The Gold, Maketh The Rules.” As a result, I believe if you seek to better understand how incentives shape human behavior, you will develop a more robust understanding of the world around you.

This blog is also meant to entertain. If, like me, you are a nerdy type who typically enjoys reading about these topics, I hope you find something new and engaging here. If you do not typically enjoy reading about these topics, I hope to make you laugh at least once before you go.

Demonetization occurs when a government declares some or all of its national currency will no longer be treated as legal tender. This can be done in an attempt to fight black market corruption, better control inflation or even promote trade. Of course “demonetize” also reads very similarly to “demonize.” Consider that a playful malaprop.


About Me

I am an investment analyst by trade. I am also a writer (BA with a dual major in English (Writing) and German). For now my career as an investment analyst pays the bills, but I am told the robots are coming for us. Writing is a natural hedge in that I also hear the robots will not easily replace creative types. I find the irony in this delightful. For now I write anonymously for professional reasons but that may not always be the case.

I live with my girlfriend fiancée and our cat. My fiancée is intensely protective of where her personal information appears online. It is unlikely you will ever meet her. The cat doesn’t have a choice.


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