Recommended Reading

This is a list of blogs and websites I read regularly, organized by topic. I will add to it over time. I wanted to add this page as a way of giving permanent credit and recognition to those who have inspired me, both personally and professionally, with their writing and ideas.


General / Business / Finance / Economics

FT Alphaville – Alphaville is the markets blog of the Financial Times. Access is free if you register. In addition to original research and reporting the team assembles very nice link lists. One of my first stops every morning.

Stratechery – Deep analysis of tech industry businesses, products and trends.

Epsilon Theory – Ben Hunt and Rusty Guinn analyze markets, economics and geopolitics using game theory and information theory, as well as amusing metaphors employing things like farm animals and road kill.

Ribbonfarm – Venkatesh Rao and his fellow Ribbonfarm contributors defy straightforward categorization. Philosophy? Cultural commentary? I’m really not sure. But if you enjoy playing with ideas, you should be reading them.


Investing (Mass Appeal)

These are websites and blogs with an investing focus that are likely to appeal to “normal people” as well as professionals and serious amateurs. 


The Ritholtz Wealth Management Crew

The Reformed Broker (Josh Brown)

A Wealth of Common Sense (Ben Carlson)

The Irrelevant Investor (Mike Batnick)

The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz)

Of Dollars And Data – Nick Maggiulli explores topics in finance and investing through the power of R and data visualization. PS – He is right on about DataCamp.

The Ritholtz crew (self-described as “The Wu-Tang Clan of Finance”) tackles topical issues in investing and personal finance in a way that is honest, accessible, and fun.


Not Affiliated With Ritholtz Wealth Management

The Aleph Blog – Longtime writer and money manager David Merkel explains complex topics simply. David has been writing a long time so going back through his old posts is like a treasure hunt. He has done some fantastic series on his experiences managing money over the years. David would also fit in on the Investing (Wonkish) list.

Safal Niveshak – Blog and newsletter run by Vishal Khandelwal (safal niveshak is Hindi for “successful investor”), geared toward small, individual investors. India has developed a great investing culture and the information on sites like this can be applied by investors anywhere.

Morningstar – Lame, I know. But there are occasionally some real gems here. Especially from Russ Kinnell, John Rekenthaler and Jeff Ptak.

Dealbreaker – Dedicated to serving so-called Masters of the Universe ample portions of humble pie.


Investing (Wonkish)

These are websites and blogs with an investing focus that are likely to appeal more to professionals or serious amateurs than “normal people.”

Bronte Capital – Commentary and the occasional investment thesis from hedge fund manager John Hempton. John runs a long/short portfolio.

Musings on Markets – Blog of NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran. I have heard Damodaran called “the father of valuation.” A must-read for DCF and modeling junkies. Professor Damodaran also puts together phenomenal data sets that are freely available to the public.

Philosophical Economics – Deep dives into issues such as capital market forecasting and Bayesian updating. If you you are the kind of person who likes to brew up coffee and settle in for an hour of meaty reading, man oh man is this the blog for you.

Alpha Architect – Wes Gray and his various contributors are all quant, all the time.

Fundoo Prof – Sanjay Bakshi will probably end up being remembered as the Ben Graham of India.

Cable Car Capital – Similar to John Hempton at Bronte Capital, Jacob Ma-Weaver provides commentary alongside investment theses. Runs a long/short portfolio.

Enterprising Investor – CFA Institute blog geared toward investment professionals.

SIRF – Investigative reporting on financial fraud and various and sundry other shenanigans by Roddy Boyd. Also, you should read Roddy’s book about AIG.

Base Hit Investing – Similar to Bronte and Cable Car, John Huber provides occasional commentary and investment write-ups. Runs a concentrated portfolio of high quality names.


Personal Finance

These are websites and blogs that primarily deal with the accumulation and management of personal wealth, rather than security selection and portfolio management.

Mr. Money Mustache – In MMM’s own words: “Early Retirement Through Badassity.”

Gen Y Finance Guy – In Dom’s own words: “My big hairy audacious goal is to build a net worth of $10M by the time I am 48 (you can keep track here).”